The Greenwing Story

East of Washington’s majestic Cascade Mountains, the Columbia Valley is producing some of North America’s most exciting wines. The region is endlessly sunny and dry yet surrounded by abundant rivers. Greenwing Cabernet captures the essence of this wild place with soaring flavors of black plum and Bing cherry. Discover Greenwing and discover another state of Cabernet.

Greenwing Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Greenwing Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2018 Vintage

Dark ruby in color, the 2018 Greenwing Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Valley presents generous and pure black and red fruit aromatics, framed in spicy and aromatic oak. Black plum and bing cherry lead the way, followed by notions of clove, brown sugar, and mocha. On the palate, the wine is broad, juicy, and plummy. Plush, with lots of body, the wine finishes with noble presence and fine-grain tannins.

- Brian Rudin

Previous Vintages
Greenwing Columbia Valley

Columbia Valley

One of the world’s most unique and diverse wine regions, grapes have been grown in the Columbia Valley since the early 1900s. The valley stretches from the Okanagan National Forest in the north all the way to Dalles, Oregon in the south, with the majority of the appellation located on the Columbia River Plateau. To the west, the beautiful Cascade Mountains serve as a natural barrier to the Pacific Ocean, creating a dry, desert-like climate, with warm sunny days, cool nights and an average rainfall, of just 6 to 8 inches annually.

Located between the 46th and 47th parallels, where Bordeaux and Burgundy are also situated, the region is marked by its distinctive soils. Though it is acclaimed for a number of grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted grape in the region—and rightfully so. Grown in the valley’s arid, sun-kissed climate, Cabernet develops beautiful depth and complexity, with velvety tannins, alluring aromas, and lush berry flavors.

Columbia Valley

The Winemaker

Brian Rudin

One of the emerging stars of Washington winemaking, Brian Rudin is the founding winemaker for Greenwing.

Greenwing Teal Duck

About the Greenwing Teal Duck

Indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, the breeding grounds of the green-wing teal are located in the Columbia River Basin and the northern river valleys of Eastern Washington. Like the Greenwing Cabernet, the green-wing teal duck is vibrantly hued and highly gregarious, forming close-knit flocks that migrate throughout the United States.

About the Artist

About the Artist

Nicolas V. Sanchez
The Greenwing label, which features an original illustration of a feather from a green-winged teal duck, was created by renowned New York artist Nicolas V. Sanchez. His art has been featured in numerous magazines, including VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair and New York Magazine, and he has appeared in exhibitions in the United States, China, and Italy.